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Whether you’re looking for an intimate portrait that captures a certain emotion or you need attractive commercial images to represent your brand, it’s my passion to bring out the subject’s natural beauty from behind the lens.


"I was honestly nervous and not at all excited to do a photo shoot with my fiancé and Ana. As a guy that doesn’t act serious when I feel awkward, I was just going through with it to make my fiancé happy. Ana absolutely blew me away. An absolute professional, and no pressure at all! It’s a simple, natural process that just... happens in between conversation. This is not your typical photo studio session with awkward poses. This is, let’s capture life as it happens and show beauty that isn’t forced or faked. The photos themselves are stunning. Honestly, I’m extremely uncomfortable with my own body image issues. But these photos helped me to see what my fiancé sees when she looks at me. I could go on and on. If you’re considering booking and you’ve read this far, do yourself a favor and just go for it!"


"Ana is an incredibly talented and professional photographer with an eye on details who is able to bring out the sensual and warm human element in her work. I have had a few sessions with her and the result was always beyond my expectation: she manages to put a spell on both the model and the viewer so that in the end everyone seems to experience the magic of her work."


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